Frugal Money Saving Halloween Tips

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This Halloween, being green can save you some money. Whether by making your own eco-friendly costumes or decorations, buying plentiful local organic food on sale, or giving out healthy snack treats to have on hand after Halloween, there are many ways to celebrate and save this season.

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Here are five favorite money saving Halloween tips!

1. Save money on Halloween costumes by making your own using reusable and recycled materials. It’s more creative, eco-friendly and saves money. Consider trading used costumes with friends and neighbors, or look for ‘gently used’ costumes at your local thrift store.

2. Create your own SPOOKY Halloween decorations rather than buying them. Put a white sheet on a lamp post that looks “Ghostly” – rather than buying and lighting separate Halloween lights or decoration…

3. Bring out those Halloween supplies that you stocked up on last year – or buy at great savings after Halloween for next year! Click here for more great money saving Halloween tips from

4. Buy seasonal organic produce (apples, pumpkins, squash, etc.) at a local farmer’s market or grocery market on sale given the plenty! Celebrate the harvest season by supporting local sustainable farming and save money by buying seasonal organic produce at your local farmer’s market.


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