Holiday Savings Extravaganza!

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Now Available! Mambo Sprouts Holiday Coupon Book

As the weather cools down, the deals are heating up – just in time for the holiday season! We’re proud to present a special, limited-edition coupon book – Mambo Sprouts Exuberant Holiday Savings. Available at select natural foods stores for a limited time, these prized coupons are for your favorite brands – Organic Valley, Annie’s Homegrown, Imagine, Soy Dream, Kashi, Brown Cow and many more! You’ll find over $25 worth of coupons in each book. Download this PDF list of natural retailers that carries the limited edition books and hurry while they last!

That’s not all, though. Check out the brand-new Whole Deal (December edition), out in Whole Foods stores now.

It’s chock-full of sweet savings and tips to help your holidays go smoothly. Great budget gift ideas, like an Earth-friendly log cabin playset for less than $10, or an aromatherapy beeswax candle in a lovely glass votive – for less than $5! You’ll also find over a half dozen ways to thoughtfully green your holiday traditions, like gift wrapping without waste (of materials or money!) and unique opportunities to help charities. Our favorite feature of the new Whole Deal? The delicious seasonal recipes – Cranberry Cheddar Sausage Bites, Pita Chips with Sweet Potato Mash and Smoked Almonds, even a recipe for Cranberry-Pistachio Oatmeal Lace Cookie Mix in a Jar (for a special handmade gift). And did we mention the pages full of coupons? Up to $15 worth for holiday staples like King Arthur Unbleached Cake Flour, SunSpire Baking Chips, Pacific Natural Soups and more! You’re sure to have a healthier, happier holiday season with these fabulous savings!

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5 Comments for “Holiday Savings Extravaganza!”

  • would i be able to pick up a booklet from your offices? i live right over in oaklyn, and although i’ve signed up to receive the booklets in the mail, i’ve never gotten one. (perhaps because i live in NJ? i used to get the booklets when i lived with my parents in PA, but have had no luck in NJ)

    it makes me sad that there are no local places to pick up the booklets. :-( has healthworks down the street turned you down? that’d be a great place to carry them.

  • Mambo TeamNo Gravatar

    Hey Carrie,
    That’s fine with us. You can stop in for a booklet. :)

  • MichelleNo Gravatar

    Is there a way for me to get it via mail? I don’t live anywhere near any of the pickup sites. :( I haven’t gotten your coupons & stuff for a few years & I’m sad. I used to when I lived in Stowe, PA, but when I moved they stopped coming even though I signed up to receive them a few more times since. The last time was in the beginning of this year where I live now. I haven’t gotten anything yet.

    It’s really too bad there are no local places here that carry your booklets because we have a bunch of natural food stores in a small radius from my home.

  • Thanks! Yes, the nearest health food store carrying your booklet is 45 miles away. Any chance you are able to mail them?

  • Mary Lee McCallumNo Gravatar

    Do you/can you ship your coupon booklets to Wisconsin? pretty please.

    ~Mary Lee

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