How to Save on Natural & Organic Products

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Are you a coupon user? Many savvy consumers understand the value of coupons especially where high-quality natural products are concerned. There’s actually an interesting strategy behind coupon use. If you access all your options, you can obtain coupons from stores, newspapers, and magazines as well as on-line promotions to find great deals. How can coupons benefit your family, your budget, and your wellness?

Coupon use results in measurable savings

You save the most when you consistently access coupons for items you purchase on a regular basis. Before buying produce, meats, seafood, wine, canned goods, cleaning supplies, baby food, vitamins, fish oil, protein powder, or any other natural or “green” product, determine first if discounts apply. Maximize online coupons and online coupon web sites, which are becoming increasingly popular. If you prefer shopping locally, be sure you get the newsletter or circular for the stores you frequent.

Coupons can simplify meal planning

Clever coupon use can make meal planning easier because a grocery list partially based on coupons gives you a head start on your weekly menus. An entire meal can evolve from a single sale item. Let’s say for example, that you get a deal on vegetarian chili. Serve it over brown rice or accompanied by cornbread, and you have a healthy, protein-rich entrée that’s easy and tasty. Garnishes might include sliced green onions, chopped cilantro, and grated cheese. Round it out with some coleslaw and you’re set.

Coupons spark adventurous cuisine

Many of us occasionally get mired in food ruts. However, if you see a special offer on an item you’re unfamiliar with, you might be more inclined to sample it.  For example, trying a great Thai frozen entrée or Indian side dish may motivate you to seek out more foods like it, leading to a whole new world of culinary possibilities. Exploring a wider range of meal options which coupons facilitate results in a more exciting, varied, and nutrient-rich diet for you and your family.

Clearly, shifting your buying habits to incorporate coupons will reward you on multiple levels. Happy buying and healthy eating!

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2 Comments for “How to Save on Natural & Organic Products”

  • I only spend $125 a week on groceries and buy 85%-90% organically. Couponing and watching for sales is the way to go. A little planning and stockpiling go a long way! Thanks Mambo Sprouts for some great coupons!!!

  • seekingmyLordNo Gravatar

    I also do what Cindy does. I am very thrifty and use coupons whenever I can, but the co-op retail health store I like shopping most does not accept printed coupons from online at all because of things like this: I liked it much better when coupon booklets are given out at the stores or mailed so I can use them with confidence.

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