Stress Free Holiday Travel Tips

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Do you travel over the holidays? Some families do so annually, which makes sense, given that most of us get some vacation time in late December. And many great travel deals are offered through sites like and

Also, as December is a chilly affair in much of the nation, it’s no surprise that a sunny destination might be tempting. And certainly, many families visit relatives in other areas for shared celebrations. Whatever your reason for holiday travel, how can you make it as safe and stress-free as possible?

Plan ahead

Advance planning will serve you well when it comes to travel arrangements. While a road trip is relatively simple, a more involved journey calls for extra organization. Book your tickets as early as possible if you intend to fly. Being flexible with dates will save you money, as rates tend to be lower between Christmas and New Years.

Involve your family

Why arrange everything? With a little encouragement, kids can help search deals on line, brainstorm what you’ll need to take, chime in on possible activities both en route and at your destination, or do some packing. You may be able to delegate more than you think!

Bring diversions

Keeping everyone happily occupied while traveling can help maintain the peace. To that end, be sure each family member has items they like─art supplies, a journal, puzzles, books, magazines, knitting, crocheting, playing cards, beading kits, a manicure set, sewing samplers, iPod, iPad, laptop, etc.

Provision well

While travel is exciting, regular meals can fall by the wayside. However, you can minimize the chance of getting caught with hungry loved ones by bringing snacks along. Non-perishables are best unless you’re driving and can bring a cooler. Healthy goodies that travel well include almonds, protein bars, soy nuts, whole grain crackers, peanuts, trail mix, dried fruit, turkey jerky, etc.

Allow enough time

Scrambling for trains, buses, or planes can be terribly stressful. Be sure to build in a generous time cushion, especially as some problems can’t be anticipated─like weather issues, tough parking, last minute tantrums, etc. Early is best! You can use the spare time to explore, people watch, or chat about upcoming plans.

Keep it safe

When leaving the sanctuary of your home, safety is paramount. Be sure to instill this─yet again─in every family member before you leave. Create a family plan of action in case the group gets separated, like designating a specific location to rendezvous. Also, provide kids of all ages with emergency contact numbers.

These tips should help ensure your holiday trip is both delightful and anxiety-free. Happy travels!

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  • Nosgoth1979No Gravatar

    There’s some great advice here. I’m not sure I would ever call travelling ‘stress free’ but with these steps and careful preparation, it can certainly be reduced. I’m a little concerned about the car, it’s getting up there in miles, but I think that will be the biggest concern this year. I’ve got the diversions covered. With my Sling Adapter streaming my full TV content to my iPad, the kids will have plenty to watch, and just in case there’s not many kid-friendly shows/movies on during the drive, I’m making sure to have plenty of kids movies on the DVR. The TV Everywhere technology from my employer, DISH Network, is easily my favorite electronics purchase of 2011. I can’t even tell you how convenient it is to be able to take all of your programming with you, and it works on a ton of different mobile devices. It’s perfect for people who travel a lot or live an on-the-go lifestyle.

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