Teacher Appreciation Week 2011

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“Education is the best provision for the journey to old age.” – Aristotle

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! From May 2 through May 6, we all have the opportunity to convey our gratitude to the teachers who have inspired, educated and supported our development over the years, and/or that of our children. Dedicated to the celebration of teachers worldwide, Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to reward the teacher of your choice with a gift or thoughtful gesture.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2011 can include many fun events and activities, encouraging interaction between teachers and students. This important observance is not only a way for students to celebrate their teachers but also for people to learn more about teaching as a profession and its merits worldwide. This eventful week also allows teachers to see why their work is valued and to learn more about the many positive ways they have impacted students. How can you show your appreciation? Here are some ideas sure to bring a smile to your teacher’s face:

• A thank you card: A sincere, handwritten thank you from you and/or your children is a charming way to show your gratitude. Include specific comments about how the teacher has helped to make a difference for your child, such as encouraging them in a particular subject or helping them over a rough learning hurdle.
• A gift certificate: These are always welcome as they give the recipient a chance to treat themselves which may be quite overdue. A certificate from a local café, restaurant, spa, home/ garden center or department store will be happily received.
• A gift basket: These are great because they can be customized. Think wellness treats, wine and cheese, a spa theme with bath salts, etc., a gourmet foods ensemble or a chocolate lover’s basket.
• Bake some healthy treats with your kids, which they can present to their teacher with a drawing or simple craft. Try whole grain cookies, oatmeal bars, or low-fat brownies.

Feeling ambitious? The California Parent Teacher Association recommends planting trees, organizing a thank you letter campaign, hosting a teacher lunch, or working with local businesses to arrange teacher discounts for the week. Whatever you do─even a verbal thank you─will be appreciated by those who are so dedicated to the education of our children. For more ideas and information, visit: http://www.teacher-appreciation.info/

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