5 Budget Saving Tips to Sustainable Eating

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Times are tough, and everyone (at least everyone I know) is counting pennies.   Food is often one of the biggest expenses, especially for families.  It is evident by the rise in fast food dollar menus that people are turning to inexpensive, low quality food in order to eat on a budget.  I believe that eating well (real food that’s sustainable) doesn’t have to break the bank.   In fact, eating high quality traditional foods such as beans, grains, fruits, and vegetables are very inexpensive and allow enough room in a budget for higher priced sustainably raised meat, eggs, and dairy.

Here are 5 Tips to eating well while remaining on a budget

1. Increase Produce
An average family of two parents and 2.5 children ages 6-17, should be spending a minimum of $160 per month on fresh produce.  $40 a week on produce is a lot of food, especially if you are shopping a local farmers market where good deals along with local produce are abundant.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) states that a typical family meeting the description above consumes only $46.75 per month on fresh fruits and vegetables.   Instead of fresh produce people are eating too much fast food, snack foods, and other processed foods.   According to the BLS, the typical family consumes $336 in meals outside of the home each month.   That’s a lot of money going to food where quality is questionable.

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Free Printable Coupons for Organic Food & Products

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Free printable coupons are now available on our website!

You can now save even more with Mambo Sprouts printable coupons. Click, print and save on your favorite health, natural and organic products. We’ve worked hard to bring you the easiest online coupon system so that you can print and save at ease. Be sure to check back often as we will be updating the coupons frequently.

These printable grocery coupons are now available.

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Frugal Money Saving Halloween Tips

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This Halloween, being green can save you some money. Whether by making your own eco-friendly costumes or decorations, buying plentiful local organic food on sale, or giving out healthy snack treats to have on hand after Halloween, there are many ways to celebrate and save this season.

Free Download: Tips, Treats and Recipes for a Healthy and Safe Halloween. Click Here to download this PDF

Here are five favorite money saving Halloween tips!

1. Save money on Halloween costumes by making your own using reusable and recycled materials. It’s more creative, eco-friendly and saves money. Consider trading used costumes with friends and neighbors, or look for ‘gently used’ costumes at your local thrift store.

2. Create your own SPOOKY Halloween decorations rather than buying them. Put a white sheet on a lamp post that looks “Ghostly” – rather than buying and lighting separate Halloween lights or decoration…

3. Bring out those Halloween supplies that you stocked up on last year – or buy at great savings after Halloween for next year! Click here for more great money saving Halloween tips from Mommysavers.com

4. Buy seasonal organic produce (apples, pumpkins, squash, etc.) at a local farmer’s market or grocery market on sale given the plenty! Celebrate the harvest season by supporting local sustainable farming and save money by buying seasonal organic produce at your local farmer’s market.



Free Coupon Books with Savings on Healthy and Natural Products

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Fall is here again, but as the economy is questionable and gas prices soaring, many are looking for ways to save on their grocery bills. Saving money is important, but that shouldn’t mean that you should give up on feeding your family healthy and nutritious meals. One of the best ways you can save money on your grocery bill is by using coupons.

To make it easy, Mambo Sprouts offers FREE coupon books that are filled with savings on your favorite healthy and natural products, including organic food and natural beauty products, healthy kid’s snacks and more!

Best of all, it is neatly organized into a compact booklet and designed to fit right into your purse. Try it out – what do you have to lose? Sign up for free organic food coupon books today and have them mailed directly to your home. Our mailers include valuable coupons for your favorite healthy, natural and organic products, plus the latest healthy news, recipes and more! You’ll receive our mailer in the winter, spring and fall – don’t miss an issue!

If you live near a natural and organic grocery store such as Whole Foods, our Fall 2008 coupon books are now available! Click here to find natural and health food stores near you who carry Mambo Sprouts coupon books.

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