Barbara’s Gluten Free Cereal

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Going gluten-free doesn’t have to mean giving up great tasting cereal. Barbara’s® is proud to offer Puffins® Multigrain, Puffins® Honey Rice and Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps for your gluten free diet plan. Packed with whole-grain gluten free goodness and a delicate sweetness the whole family will love. Try them all! Barbara’s has been making great tasting naturally healthy food-free of artificial colors, preservatives and harmful additives since 1971. Visit to learn more or read on to find reviews for this product.


April of made Gluten Free Brown Rice Crisp Squares using Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps. She says, “I finished up the Rice Crisps box for breakfast! I loved this cereal. It’s not overly sweet, which I love! I’m more of a savory gal in the morning.” Read her complete review.

Kim says “These Puffins taste even more like my beloved Quaker Oat Squares!  I believe that I like them even better than the Honey Rice Puffins, though I won’t stop eating those.  I love that both the Honey Rice & Multigrain Puffins don’t get soggy quickly in milk.” Read her complete review

Caitlin tried Puffins and proclaimed “it was so-freaking-delicious”! Check out her blog and read the rest of her review.

Iris taste tested Barbara’s Multigrain Puffins, Barbara’s Honey Rice Puffins, & Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps. She said, “I mixed all three of these so every bite was different. The rice crisps got my vote because they taste just like rice crispies (remember, with the snap, crackle, and pop), and only have 2 grams of sugar per serving. That’s amazing for cereal! I also really liked the multigrain cereal and would definitely buy that too.”

Brittany found Barbara’s Puffins to be even “sweeter than the brown rice crisps and had the same crunch that regular Puffins have…. it’s nice to know that company’s like Barbara’s Bakery are meeting that need with options that actually taste good!”

Debbie enjoyed taste testing Barbara’s Puffins and shared some with her husband Mike. She said that “It’s crunchy, stays crunchy for longer than other cereals, seems to be naturally sweet, and we both enjoyed it.”

Chandice tested out Barbara’s Honey Rice Puffins and Multi Grain Puffins. Her thoughts? “So delicious, I liked snacking on these right from the box”! She also tried the Brown Rice Crisps, and said “I really enjoyed utilizing this product in cooking mixed with a few spices as a crust for chicken and fish.”

Atlantis reviewed Breakfast with Barbara’s Bakery. She said, “Barbara’s Organic Brown Rice Crisp is a healthier alternative to white rice counter parts. It is very lightly sweetened with organic fruit juice.” She also tried Puffins, and said, “…my favorite… all natural whole oats, brown rice, and corn. They stand up to sitting in a bowl of milk perfectly,” and that the Honey Rice were “the sweetest of the three, they are still not overly sugary. This makes it a great children’s cereal”!

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11 Reviews for “Barbara’s Gluten Free Cereal”

  • MarjorieNo Gravatar

    You advertise cereal as gluten free but under ingredients you list,”produced in a facility that manufactures wheat, etc. For someone who is a TRUE Celiac & has to be careful of cross contamination is this cereal safe? We were excited to see the Gluten Free, but upon reading the label we were hesitant about buying. Please clear this up for us.
    Thank you, Marjorie Noseworthy

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