Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers

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Pure California brown rice, toasted sesame, quinoa, amaranth and flax seeds combine to create a savory snack that’s gluten-free and so good for you. With flavors like Sweet Onion, Roasted Garlic, Rosemary & Olive Oil, Original and Sea Salt, they’re satisfyingly crispy, crunchy and crave-quenching. Light and delicious right from the package or perfectly paired with your favorite dip. Visit


Kim enjoyed taste testing Crunchmaster Crackers. She said “I served the crackers along side of some Trader Joe’s Hummus at our Mother’s Day party on Saturday. They were a huge hit!”

Tiffany recently reviewed Crunchmaster Crackers, and she “fell in love with the brand”! She says, “The sweet onion is fantastic! The flavor combo is perfection, combining the sweet onion and salty cracker crunch. They are certified gluten-free, which is a nice touch when looking for safe GF snacks.”

Stephanie tried out Crunchmaster Crackers and said, “low in fat and good for you. These crackers are the best with melted cheese or for dips such as chicken salad, artichoke dip or just plan salsa. They have a wonderful light salty taste. I had a hard time stopping”!

Tracy tasted Crunchmaster Crackers with some cheese and she said, “WOW, so good! Good thing I only had a sample-sized bag because I easily could have housed the enitre bag of them. They definitely live up to their name with a rewarding crunch and they just taste great.”

Iris tried Crunchmaster Crackers and found them to be “easy to take to work and have as a snack. Nice and salty, and a small ingredient list, which is always a good sign. I would definitely buy these for traveling.”

Chandice reviewed Crunchmaster Crackers. Her verdict? “A great little nutrient dense snack. They can be paired well with a slice of cheese or just eaten on their own. My little boy really enjoyed these crackers.”

Atlantis taste-tested Crunchmaster Multi Seed Crackers and found that “Though they are low in sodium, they have a pleasant salty flavor that compliments the grain and seed blend. A touch of soy sauce is also added. They are enjoyably crunchy and the fact that they are backed instead of fried keeps them from being oily… what a great job they did with a basic cracker”!

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16 Reviews for “Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers”

  • Mary in VTNo Gravatar

    I fell in love with these great crackers recently. I got them a couple times at Costco, but now they aren’t carrying them anymore. I went on Crunchmaster’s website and found some Sam’s Clubs or the like that carry them. I figured I would have to get them the next time I went on a trip to CT. However, I just found them the other day at the Christmas Tree shop! They are in 4.5 oz. bags for $2.49 each. I was going through withdrawls! You can get coupons on their website. Enjoy!

  • These are the best gluten-free crackers I have ever tasted! Made with quinoa, the are a complete
    protein (good for vegetarians) they definitely do master the crunch (they’re made by ‘Crunchmaster’).
    These crackers are packed with flavor and are very satisfying for a cracker. Even though
    I’m writing a review on these, I’d like to keep them a secret so I can eat all of them! Don’t try them
    unless you are ready to be hooked : ^)

  • JenifirNo Gravatar

    I tried the Orginal. Surprisingly good! I love the nutty, organic flavor. Now I’d like to try some of the flavored varieties as a quick, healthy, crunchy snack I can keep at at my desk. Only one improvement I’d make on the Original flavor…I thought the soy sauce flavor was a bit too strong.

  • Best crackers ever and we do not need gluten free. I eat a handful as a snack.

  • CindyNo Gravatar

    Crunchmaster Multi-seed crackers are so good you can’t eat just one or two or…
    I just tried the Rosemary and Olive Oil and they are my favorites so far.

  • DarcyNo Gravatar

    I have had the original and the rosemary/olive oil. Both of them were really really good!!!

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