Florida Crystals® Organic Sugar

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Florida Crystals® is all-natural and organic sugar that’s better for you. It’s better for the environment, too, because they’ve taken the time and effort to become Certified CarbonFree® as well as Vegan Certified. And all 5 selections of their premium product are packaged in recyclable pouches.

Florida Crystals produces renewable energy, recycling leftover sugarcane fiber and urban wood waste to produce enough power to run their operations and supply electricity to 55,000 homes. In addition, the company reduces America’s need for 1 million barrels of foreign oil annually and saves valuable landfill space.

They also utilize crop rotation to grow their sun-sweetened sugarcane, rotating with rice to revitalize the soil and protect it from pests. They are proud their premium, natural sugar is grown right here in Florida. Florida Crystals® was the first and remains the only organic sugar grown in the USA.  Florida Crystals® is a sweet deal for the environment – and for you. Want to learn more? Visit their website, join them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Certified CarbonFree® by Carbonfund.org and Certified Vegan by Vegan Action.

57 Reviews for “Florida Crystals® Organic Sugar”

  • Tastes better than sugar.

  • Well, I’ve reduced my sugar intake, and if I can get my husband to do the same, we won’t need 5-lb bags of sugar, and for the same price, we can get a smaller amount of the good stuff, like Florida Crystals.

  • ConnieNo Gravatar

    Looking forward to using it. Maybe I can use it in my Blueberry, Banana, Walnut wholewheat

  • NicoleNo Gravatar

    Yum. I am Type II diabetic. I find it interesting that Organic Sugar does not raise my blood sugar like commercialized sugar….

  • KarineNo Gravatar

    Would be great to try this

  • I really like Florida Crystals sugar. I don’t use as much and the taste is simply better. More than the product, I appreciate all the steps this company is doing to be a responsible part of the community and free enterprise world. I am much more likely to buy my products from a company who is committed to the environment while making a profit like Florida Crystals. I will continue to use their sugar as long as they continue the high standard of responsible farming and company ethics and make a great product!

  • CoryNo Gravatar

    I’ve been using Florida Crystals about half a year now. My family loves it. Love the taste and love that it’s organic

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