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Marching to the beat of a different drumstick, FreeBird chicken is naturally a hit. Their rockstar farmers know that the conventional way is not always the right way. Instead, they raise their chickens on a pure diet of clean ingredients and fresh well water with plenty of room to roam. The result? Juicy, delicious chicken that’s 100% antibiotic free (ABF). In other words, chicken that tastes exactly like it should, “just like chicken”.

Whether you prefer ABF or organic chickens, FreeBird has a wide variety of products for your table. From fresh whole roasters to marinated breasts to frozen white meat nuggets, FreeBird has something for everyone. Those on restricted diets will love the Gluten and Soy free Chicken Patties and Nuggets. Moms love that their Popcorn Chicken is prepared with whole grain coating and kids dig the playful Chickasaurus Rex bites.

Of course, FreeBird stands for more than that. In an era where “big food” can mean lots of questionable practices, you can count on FreeBird for high quality antibiotic free and organic chicken with a conscience. Videos on their website features FreeBird’s family of “rockstar farmers” doing things right (and loving their work!).

Proudly displaying the Earthwise Banner on their packaging, FreeBird is committed to sustainability, humane practices and caring for the environment. Pure and simple, FreeBird products will rock your dinner table.

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