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glutinoGlutino is a leading brand specializing in providing delicious gluten free food options to all those with Celiac Disease and those who follow a gluten free diet. Their wide range of products include: pretzels, crackers, cookies, breads, bagels, baking mixes, and pizzas. These convenient food options will make living gluten free easier! Glutino- Quality, Trust, Variety. Visit


Kim is a gluten-free mom with a Celiac teen. In her review of Glutino’s Strawberry Breakfast Bars, she said “Jon and I fought over the remaining bars in the box” – and she “can’t even begin to describe how good these pretzels were!” about Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

Tiffany was “honestly shocked by how good these are!” when she tried Glutino’s Strawberry Breakfast Bars. When she tasted the Chocolate Covered Pretzels, she said “The crunch of the pretzels and the smooth smell and flavor of the chocolate complement each other deliciously.”

April is a Southern girl who tried Glutino’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels and thought they are “my new FAVORITE – MOST DELICIOUS – BESTIE BEST – SCRUMDIDLIYUMCIOUS – dessert”.

Debbie in Sacramento reviewed Glutino’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and said, “Taste-wise, these cookies rock”. She also tried the Breakfast Bars and Chocolate Covered Pretzels – “By far my favorite item in the care package” – as well as Gluten Free Pantry’s Brownie Mix – which resulted in brownies “slightly crunchy around the edges, but soft, and somewhat fudgy in the center”.

Stephanie tried Gluten Free Pantry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Brownie Mix and Pancake Mix & Glutino’s Breakfast Bars and Chocolate Covered Pretzels She said, “Glutino has always been one of my favorite company because there is not one product I don’t like… Glutino’s Breakfest bars are great for snacks and great for kids lunches… I have always loved their plain pretzels.”

Iris tasted Glutino Chocolate Covered Pretzels and said, “These were quite addictive.” She also tried Gluten Free Pantry Brownie Mix and claims “My boyfriend, who eats gluten, took one bite and exclaimed, “Oh my God, these are amazing!” Enough said. I had to send a bunch to work with him so I wouldn’t eat them all myself!”

Stephanie reviewed Glutino Breakfast Bars. What did she think? “This bar reminds me of those Fruit and Grain bars except better. The improved taste is great.”

Stephanie taste tested Gluten Free Pantry Baking Mixes in 4 varieties. Of the All-Purpose Mix, she said “I substitute this Gluten Free flour for Wheat All Purpose flour.” For the Pancake and Waffle Mix, she found that “The pancakes turn out soft and fluffy.” When she tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, she discovered “This simple mix makes 25-36 delicious chocolate chip cookies depending on the scoop size.” And when Steph tested the Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix, she determined that “This is one of their better products because they are chewy and is very moist. I like to eat it right out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Has an easy-to-follow recipe that even small kids can help with.”

Chandice tried Glutino Chocolate Covered Pretzels at home. Her review – “Oh my goodness… these were so good! They were gone in nearly a day because the flavors were spot on!” She gave her husband some Glutino Breakfast Bars and “he enjoyed them”!

Chandice also taste tested Gluten Free Pantry Cookie Mix, Brownie Mix and Pancake Mix (that’s a lot of baking!). The cookies? “Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? These will satisfy your craving for them.” And the brownies? “Delicious and chocolaty. I like mixing in other ingredients to the batter to make a more hearty brownie.” But what about the pancakes? “Great taste”!

Atlantis reviewed Gluten Free Pantry Baking Mixes for Chocolate Truffle Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookie & Cake, and Brown Rice Pancake & Waffle. She said the brownies were her favorite, because “The product was a dense, and rich chocolate flavor you expect out of a brownie. I was relieved that the brownies texture was smooth instead of grainy as is often the risk of using gf mixes.” When she made the Chocolate Chip Cookies, they “were crispy and filled with pleasant tasting chocolate chips.” The pancakes were “fluffy and light. Mix in or top with some fresh fruit and they make for a pretty yummy morning”!

Atlantis also tried Glutino Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Breakfast Bar. She said the pretzels were “crunchy and sweet with just a hint of salt. The pretzel itself is firm and crunchy with a great texture. Each little pretzel is coated in a thick layer of smooth, just sweet enough, milk chocolate. The result is a deliciously perfect gluten-free snack that will fulfill a variety of cravings.” And the breakfast bar? “Each bar has a soft pastry-like outside with a moist strawberry jelly center. The outer layer is moist and thick with only a slightly grainy texture. In addition to being gluten-free they are also egg, casein, and milk free… (and) a good amount of dietary fiber”!

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16 Reviews for “Glutino & Gluten Free Pantry”

  • sallyNo Gravatar

    Glutino pretzels are better than regular pretzels! They have a nice buttery, salty taste, and it’s hard to believe they’re gluten-free!

  • LexNo Gravatar

    I tried the Glutino pretzels and they are delicious! My anti-gluten friends and family love them too. They didn’t notice the pretzels were gluten free. The only down side — the cost. $5 for pretzels makes them a rare luxury I allow myself.

  • heatherNo Gravatar

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! YOUR company is such a time saver for us that have to have a gluten free diet!!! THANK YOU and everything we have tried so far is super tummy!

  • Thanks for this great information! Well done :-) !

  • StephanieNo Gravatar

    The crackers are the only I have found that my son will eat. Before being gluten free, he was loved saltines. These crackers surpass saltines by far. The cereal bars (Apple especially) are delicious!

  • liz tNo Gravatar


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