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Family-friendly, wholesome, natural and organic? That’s Ian’s, a name you can trust every time you offer a sweet, gluten-free snack to your child. Kids love the flavors, easy packaging and friendly tiger they can recognize easily. Parents love the all-natural nutrition, allergen-free assurance, and the quick and easy convenience! Ian’s is the perfect gluten-free option in busy moments when you want to make sure an all-natural, organic, healthy snack is available. Visit iansnaturalfoods.com


Stephanie blogs at The Wonder of Celiac Disease. She taste tested Ian’s Animal Cookies and says, “They are sweet and addicting. These animal cookies are not only good for kid, they are great for young adults and adults. They are handy not only for children, but also for adults on the run too.”

Iris tried Ian’s Animal Cookies and said, “These were delicious! They tasted like thin, buttery shortbread cookies, with just that hint of salt to even out the sweet flavor.”

Atlantis found Ian’s Animal Cookies “fun animal shapes and the sweet sugar cookie flavor I remember from the animal cookies I used to eat when I was much younger”! Read the rest of her review here.

Tracy likes “the shapes of the cookies! They’re animal cookies, so of course I had to play. The hippo was my favorite out of all the cookie shapes!” Read the rest of her review here.

April taste tested Ian’s Animal Cookies to find that “These puppies… I mean these wild animals are tasty!! And fun to eat!”

Chandice tried Ian’s Animal Cookies with her son. “Oh boy, we had to hide these from my little boy because he would go to the closet and get them down himself! He loves these little sweet treats.”

Kim and her kids sampled a variety of Ian’s Natural Products. “The animal crackers have a nice vanilla flavor and are great for little ones or big kids (and adults), too. The crackers come in a resealable zipper bag and are great for on-the-go days,” she said. “The French toast sticks are a nice breakfast treat,” she added, and “The Wafflewiches ranked high on our list. (Son) Jon really enjoyed these. These can be made in the microwave or oven, but work much better in the oven”!

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13 Reviews for “Ian’s All-Natural & Organic”

  • My youngest child has lactose intolerance and sensitivities to a variety of other products. He would consume chicken nuggets every day if I let him. The turkey corn dogs and chicken nuggets are his favorite products and I willingly serve them with cantaloupe, honeydew or mango chunks.

  • My children absolutely LOVE the Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets. My daughter is a Celiac. My son who is not a even says they are better than the old kind with Gluten. I currently buy them by the case now. It is hard to keep them around!

  • corinne catalanoNo Gravatar

    Love their French Bread Pizza.

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