Lifeway Kefir

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Yogurt is high in calcium, which we all know is great for the bones. Craving more? Lifeway Kefir yogurt-style beverage packs calcium, protein and so much more. It also creates a healthy digestive system, enhances the immune system, boosts energy and even helps with lactose intolerance. All of this and smooth and creamy Kefir also tastes great. With the exception of Green Kefir, all Lifeway Kefir smoothies are 100% gluten-free.  For more info visit


Kim of says “I was able to sample the Strawberry Low Fat Cultured Milk Smoothie. Not only does this product have a great taste, but lots of health benefits, too!” Read her complete review

2 Reviews for “Lifeway Kefir”

  • I have tried the Unsweetened and it is very sour-tasting. I probably could have gotten to like the
    taste if I stuck to it longer. But initially, it was like I was drinking sour cream. For sour cream lovers
    out there, this is the drink for you! Now, the flavor is kinda growing on me and might buy some more.
    It is like nothing I have ever tried before.

  • LauraNo Gravatar

    I love Lifeway Kefir. Me and my husband drink it .. I have had the strawberry and raspberry.. both wonderful!

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