MI-DEL Gluten Free Cookies

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For over 50 years, MI-DEL has been satisfying the appetites of people who want cookies that are all natural, taste delicious and also happen to be gluten-free.

MI-DEL is a combination of old-fashioned recipes and new bakery methods that let us create better for you cookies without giving up a yummy inch of taste.

MI-DELICIOUS gluten-free cookies taste the way cookies were meant to taste….LIKE COOKIES!

Check out these great flavors Chocolate Chip, Ginger, Arrowroot Animal, Pecan, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Vanilla Sandwich, Chocolate Caramel bite size, and now single serve S’mores.  And don’t be afraid to try some recipes using MI-DEL Ginger cookies!

We hope you enjoy MI-DEL and visit us at www.midelcookies.com

Snacking just got easier…with NEW MI-DEL lunchbox packs!  Gluten-Free S’mores are the perfect snacks to pack in lunchboxes, for rides, or on the go…it’s so easy just grab and go.

MI-DEL’s Gluten-Free S’mores
Gluten intolerant consumers love the fact that chocolate is gluten-free! We celebrate it here with a campfire favorite. Our All Natural Gluten-Free S’mores are chocolate graham cookies with marshmallows, a classic combination that will appeal to the kid in everyone. Each pack is only 90 calories, so they’re the perfect way for the whole family to enjoy a delicious treat.

Who knew delicious MI-DEL Ginger Snaps were leading a double life! Cookie lovers rave about the spicy kick and extra crunchiness, but guess what? Clever bakers have discovered that they also make a pie crust that’s easy and deliciously different! Click here for delicious pumpkin pie recipe.

MI-DEL Gluten-Free products are routinely tested using the ELISA method to ensure gluten-free status as determined by the World Health Organization.


NFCA of glutenfreehotproducts.com said Mi-Del’s gluten free cookies are pretty tasty and have a pleasant balance between the lightly sweetened and very crunchy chocolate graham cracker. They even have sweet and fluffy marshmallows pieces flecked through out each cookie! Read the complete review.

Kim of glutenfreeislife.com says she loves these cookies. They are great for an after school snack or a light dessert after lunch or dinner.Read her complete review

Jordyn of  thehealthyhousewife.com said Mi-Del’s gluten free cookies at only 90 calories per serving, why not! Read the complete review.

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  • Lorna NaarNo Gravatar

    your gluten free, dairy free sandwich cookies are very tasty. Love them!!

  • your gluten free, dairy free sandwich cookies are delicious. Love them!

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