Nasoya Tofu

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Based in Massachusetts, Nasoya® has been producing tofu for over 30 years and is America’s top selling brand of tofu. Today, Nasoya crafts several varieties of tofu for cook’s nationwide including Nasoya Organic tofu and All-Natural Nasoya Lite tofu. In addition, they’ve recently launched TofuPlus, the nation’s first and only tofu “beefed up” with nutrients needed by those looking to lower or eliminate meat from their diet without sacrificing nutrition. Nasoya tofu comes in a number of textures to accommodate all tofu recipes and dietary needs.

Visit Nasoya’s Tofu U, a ‘virtual campus’ where you can learn about all things tofu, take the pledge and get rewarded!

2 Reviews for “Nasoya Tofu”

  • Absolutely love this product! Great source of protein and always good!

  • Heather ReayNo Gravatar

    Nasoya is the only tofu I like!! I’ve tried others and they were totally gross compared to Nasoya.

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