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Simply Nutritious

Tofu – it’s good for you! And now improves the absorption of nutrients. Nasoya® now offers Organic Sprouted Super Firm Vacuum Pack Tofu. It’s made with organic non-GMO whole sprouted soybeans and contains 12g of protein. Plus, it comes in an open easy peel-able package which is pre-pressed and ready to use! Also try Nasoya Organic Sprouted Tofu Plus—it’s made with organic non-GMO whole sprouted soybeans, aids in the absorption of nutrients, is easy to digest and has 10g of protein.  Any way you serve it, it’s delicious.

Nasoya is committed to producing delicious, innovative foods that promote the health and well being of our consumers and the earth. Look for our premium organic and all natural tofu, Super Hummus, and Asian style noodles and wraps in the produce or dairy section and Nayonaise®, our soy based sandwich spreads, in the produce or condiments aisle. Visit to learn more.

One Review for “Nasoya”

  • Nasoya Tofu is the best tofu I have had. I love it! It’s firm and easy to cook with and delicious.

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