RiceSelect™ Texmati®

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RiceSelect™ Texmati® is the most recognized brand of aromatic rice in the United States and is frequently requested by name in leading magazines, newspapers and cookbooks. Introduced over 30 years ago, US-grown Texmati® combines the qualities of basmati with that of traditional American long grain rice.

Texmati® has a delightful aroma of popcorn with a delicious nutty flavor. It tastes great served on its own as a side dish, or is perfect in dishes that are enhanced by its fluffy texture and exotic aroma.

With its delicious flavor, delightful aroma, unique texture and easy cooking characteristics Texmati® is like no other aromatic rice. With just one bite, you will agree that RiceSelect™ Texmati® brings worlds of flavor to your table.

Heather of Heathereatsalmondbutter.com loves the texture of the brown rice and the entire house smells like sweet buttered popcorn whenever she steams it in the rice cooker. Click here to read her complete review.

Katie of yesiwantcake.com said the meal she created was “So dang delicious. Loved the rice. Loved the veggies...”  Click here to read her complete review.

Jody of truth2beingfit.com said the rice is nice and fluffy! She added in a little bit of butter and some Parmesan cheese to the white rice. Her husband really enjoyed it too! Click here to read her complete review.

Jodi of www.myslcmommy.com said she made Red Beans and Rice for Fat Tuesday.  The rice was delicious and it was just the perfect amount with friends coming over. She is now thinking about making Apple Rice Pudding! Click here to read her complete review.

Erika of www.inerikaskitchen.com loves the combination of rice, herbs, lemon and grated Romano cheese in this Texmati brown rice pilaf. She has served it at many dinner parties alongside roast chicken, grilled steak, or oven-roasted salmon. Click here to read her complete review.

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