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At Udi’s Gluten Free Foods we believe food made with joy is a joy to eat.  That’s why during October’s Celiac Awareness month, we believe you too should enjoy good tasting, delicious gluten-free breads, muffins, bagels and pizza crusts.
We are a collective of old-school artisan bakers. We bake for taste, knowing that special joy that emanates from our ovens. We bake to share- in flavor, in nutrition and in happiness.  Everything we create at Udi’s is made without sacrificing quality and taste because everything we bake is a product of our mission … making gluten free delicious.

If you are newly diagnosed with celiac disease or are eating gluten free for the first time, you are in safe hands with Udi’s Gluten Free Foods.  All of our baked goods are crafted by hand in our 100% dedicated and certified gluten free bakery.

For more information on how to live gluten-free or for tasty gluten-free recipes, visit our website at  www.udisglutenfree.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


NFCA of glutenfreehotproducts.com tried out Udi’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffins and compared them to a cross between a bran muffin and chocolate cake. They weren’t overly sweet which made them even more enjoyable! Read the complete review.

Kim of glutenfreeislife.com says “I can’t get enough of their pizza crust lately! They freeze nicely and can be pulled out to make a quick, healthy meal in a hurry!” Read her complete review

5 Reviews for “Udi’s Gluten Free Foods”

  • Lorna NaarNo Gravatar

    Just found your products in the frozen section of Whole Foods and really enjoy them, especially the blueberry muffins. They taste just like muffins WITH gluten. I was ordering products from CA. but much prefer the taste of yours.
    Thanks for the variety of products.

  • Their Granola is deliciously sweet and has lots of almonds in it. I’ve tried all three flavors and like
    the Vanilla the most because of the roasted almonds. This is great after a good workout and I
    actually need all that sugar. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • KatieNo Gravatar

    The full sized loaf of the sandwich bread is the best thing yet. We have only found one location in the Greenville, SC area where we could purchase it, that being Jason’s Deli near the Haywood Mall. The small sized loaves are good, but to have a regular sized sandwich is so satisfying. I had not had one for 8 years until we found this deli. Even though it is a lot more $, the loaf lasts longer, so ends up costing about the same as 2 small loaves. Tastes better than regular sandwich bread. Katie in Greer, SC

  • NicoleNo Gravatar

    I find the taste of Udi’s to be much taster than traditional bread and its great to see a complany thats gluten free with a wide range of products, not just bread.

  • MaryNo Gravatar

    Can’t recommend Udi’s enough! Their bagels TASTE LIKE bagels! Their bread is the best, and most like our old “regular” (glutenized) bread. You can use it the same way you can use glutened bread. And, of course, their pizza crusts are great, their muffins are great; haven’t found anything they make that I don’t like! Our local grocers are now carrying their bread and some of their other things in their freezer, and, of course, most health foods stores carry their products.

    Thanks, Udi’s, for making our gluten free life easier!

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